Gotta Love the South…

Here are some pictures from trips that I took to Kentucky and Tennessee when I was still young, pretty and had hair on my head.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Love the South…”

  1. Clinton Ross said:

    As a collector/sampler do you think that bourbon rivals scotch in the number of collectibles? The cabinets in the kitchen have more than 200 different miniature (50cl) bottles of sinle-malt scotch with no end in sight. Thanks for the Early Times set of four; they are meant to be an introduction into bourbon past the Jack Daniels stage. Clinton Ross

    • Hi Clinton.

      Thank you for your purchase and your comment. I think that Scotch miniatures are more collectible, simply because more people collect them, especially the single malts. I personally prefer the Americans because of their color and labels. I also think that there are A -LOT more Scotch miniatures out there than Americans.
      If you are interested in more bottles please let me know, as i am getting rid of many bourbons which I have and i think there might be stuff you’ll be interested in.

      Keep in touch and thank you again for your business!

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