Be sure to let me know if you are interested in having your website link here. I would love to support you!

Alan Low’s great collection from Singapore

Eric Hjersing and his great collection of Scandinavia bottles!

have a minis collection for sale? Sell it here:


6 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Hi Rotem!
    You have a great and very nice collection
    I am a miniature collector from Viet Nam! I will very happy if you visit and we can exchange our website’s link.
    My website:
    Thank You!

  2. Hello,
    You have very nice webside and excellent collection.
    My name is Lukasz (nick Czajkus) I live in Cracow, Poland. I also like bourbon whiskey 🙂 I made nice database with photos of whiskey which I found in ebay.
    My web is


  3. Hi Rotem
    Comment that you have a nice collection of minis, especially those old bourbon, good website. tell you that your site is already on my link, I’d like added to your links.
    Best Regards from CHILE.

  4. Great library about Bourbon whisky

  5. Very nice collection !

  6. Hey Ro! I got chance to look around your site… What a great collection! I’m hoping we can meet up one day when you’re in Atlanta and I can show you my collection. Until then, take a look at my newly launched site:


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