About Me


My name is Rotem, and I’m a long time collector Bethesda,MD.
Some of you might know me by my eBay user: Hasayeret.
For those of you who don’t– it’s always a pleasure to meet new people!

My bottles-collecting journey began in the mid 90’s after I saw a friend’s collection. I figured I had to have at least one.
I hit the road with an empty J&B mini and a Finlandia Cranberry mini I inherited from my uncle. With a little help from overseas friends, a couple months later I was the proud owner of a small vodka collection (approx 100 nips).
After moving to the U.S I realized that I’m a bourbon type, so I started collecting these and today, after almost 16 years, I am the proud owner of over 3000 different bourbon whiskey miniatures and couple thousands of other ones.
I had the opportunity to take the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky and to visit the Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee, which I highly recommend.
My fabulous wife Yael is one of the major reasons for this collection’s growth. Her support, understanding and willing to share her limited living space with all these bottles is really what drives this collection forward. While i am more into straights, she is all about the figural bottles and the blown glasses animals.
I’m a proud Terp who did both undergrad and grad at the University of Maryland .


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Wonderful collection, and a nice site. So interesting. Congratulations!!! We love your minis’ photos. Everytihin is well shown. Regards from Argentina. We will be happy if you visit our site and we both make links to each other.

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